Aura Design & Drafting is a leading provider for Design & Drafting services in Southeast Queensland.  Our office is centrally located in Palmwoods, in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. We are renowned for our uncompromising dedication to quality and practicality.  We produce drawings that both encapsulate your vision and provide clarity for construction professionals. 

With an extensive consultant service network we are able to help you from the very first thought right through to the moment you break ground – that’s why we say Dream to Reality.

When you engage us, you can be assured of our absolute commitment to providing the best outcomes that are specifically tailored for your project. Thanks to our dedicated team we have earned a reputation for quality, expertise, and reliability.

We are an Australian owned and operated organisation, with the strong belief of supporting locals.


Cedric Wallace


Cedric first started in the construction industry in 1975 as an apprentice. Working he’s way through the ranks to finally creating people’s dreams, Cedric has a personal passion for practical and creative designs. Throughout the 47 years of his career, working on all aspects of construction, Cedric has been singled out for his remarkable perfection in his work and his willingness to go the extra mile. He is passionate about great houses and happy homeowners. 

Grant Jones

Building Designer

Having spent the last 17 years in construction across the state in residential, mining, industrial and commercial construction, his real world construction knowledge is a massive bonus to the team. This experience helps the Aura Design & Drafting team overcome potential hidden design issues before they appear onsite, ensuring a smooth stress free experience for both the onsite construction teams and our clients. Grant is also a current QBCC licensed low rise builder and has completed his Diploma of Building Design.

Jeremy Wright

Senior Building Designer

Jeremy has been a part of the team from the outset, having worked with Cedric and his family from the very start of the journey. Having completed a dual diploma in Building & Interior design, Jeremy has over 10 years of experience in this field. Whilst at Aura Design & Drafting he has achieved excellent customer satisfaction working on various projects ranging from large new residences & renovations to commercial fit outs & new buildings.  He is involved throughout the project from the initial meeting through to the final drawings.

Allison Bartlett

Admin/Design Consultant

Allison is the lynchpin of the organisation. Her dual administration/design consultant role drives our designers to deliver quality projects.  After taming the legal industry she has turned her attention to her more creative passions, designing beautiful and practical spaces.  Allison has a talent for identifying the hidden features of your project and making them shine.